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Management Assistant to the Board If you love to work in the area between Bern, Zurich and Basel, in a team that is crazy enough to start something completely new every other day, is creative and relaxed and happy to be in Switzerland, here is your job! These will be […]

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Using a Microsoft-Tool for SW-Distribution and patch-distribution can’t be wrong, can it? I have tried a while to come up with a couple of good reasons to use SCCM, but after this mental exercise I just feel less inclined to recommend it. The Redmond company has invested many a Dollar […]

SW-Distribution. Mitigate External Risks with iTAM™

Both in Security as in the “business as usual” operations, patch-management is a financial draught. OpEx in IT has many hidden slings and arrows, and patch-management (and its bigger sibling, release-management) is one of them. Any time (and this is often, nowadays!) a vulnerability is detected in any of the […]

iTAM™: Minimize Patch-Management Cost

 Disaster-Recovery Missing? During the development of Security Policies for an organization that was at the beginning of a journey towards safeguarding their own (and their customer’s) data, we were never asked the most obvious question: What if a disaster strikes and we have to go through this? Everyone was so […]

Mission Critical IT Disaster-Recovery with iTAM™

On License-Management Whether IT infrastructure means a flock of cloud-based data centers distributed all over the globe or an internal data centers or a mixture with hundreds if not thousands of workplace computers, print-servers and virtual machines strewn in, connected with WAN or LAN, since several decades the topic most […]

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